July 1, 2010

load up the ipod

So today, Canada Day, officially starts some holiday time in the Doodle household. I don't have to go back to work for a whole 18 days and I plan to milk the restorative goodness out of every second of that time. In about 36 hours we're heading out on a road trip with our map, our tent and every hope that the wonder of modern technology that is the portable dvd player will help to take the edge off the sibling bickering that sometimes befalls us after more than 4 hours driving.

So I'm planning the knitting. I want things using a single type and colour of yarn, engaging and time-consuming without demanding every second of my attention, and preferably on circular needles. These fit the bill.

First up: a super cute sweater I'm testknitting for Thea. I am loving every second of this green moss stitchiness.

If I finish that I have this Grapevine (Rav link) going. Yes. That is more Hempathy.

And if I finish that (it could happen), I dug out this Coraline I started a billion years ago. It barely qualifies as a cast-on yet, but it fits the criteria and the yarn is so tiny it will pack small.

I realize my anxiety over what to bring to knit while camping is equal only to my delusion about my superhuman ability to knit massive amounts of sweater fabric in a short period of time.

Catch ya later.


  1. Have a great time on the trip! Good luck on the knitting!

  2. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time off! Gotta love the portable DVD for the little ones when traveling, we do.

    Why is it that knowing we'll be away from our projects for so long instills a panic to make sure we have more than enough while traveling? My husband always laughs at how many projects I bring along with me....even when just going for one night :)

  3. I'm the same too, the anxiety of finishing a project (or a book) and not having another ready to pick up right away?
    I love the Grapevine sweater, I can't wait to see it when you finish...
    Have a great vacation!

  4. I love the blue tint of the yarn in the middle pic.