July 26, 2010

by hand

I love owning things that someone has made by hand. They are the things I would miss the most if I were to lose all of my possessions. I love making things for other people and I love receiving things they've made.

These are some things I'm loving right now. I went to a craft sale the other night and found this wonderful little 'drawing'

I have also been irresistibly drawn to some wonderful (Cdn.) indy dyer yarns lately...Viola sock yarn, for instance:


and 'inky'

and Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight



And I haven't wanted to take off this wonderful t-shirt my friend silkscreened. I love artichokes.

And my cousin makes these totally adorable guys. I had to defuzz him a bit for the photo shoot cause he has seen a LOT of snuggling action around here.

More knitting soon.


  1. Great stuff! I love the artichoke shirt --

  2. Love the thread picture! What a find. The colorful yarn collection is FAB. And the little snuggly is very cute. Handmade things are so awesome!

  3. Love the little birdie, so odd and cute.

  4. i was just thinking the same thing last night as i was browsing on etsy sites for about an hour. love love love handsmithed stuff. i'm in nova scotia right now and am heading out to the lunenberg Folk Art festival on sunday for our yearly hike. i am looking forward to purchasing a bird of sort (so far, we have a robin *hehe* and an owl).


  5. i swear I commented on this post already! What in the heck. I was just saying how crude that dog is - yike! One of my first - you were my first buyer on etsy (thank God, family is more forgiving).

  6. i just relooked at this post... funny thing - i just met tanis (from tanis fiber arts). her family has a cottage here too (in NS) and she gave me her card and i was thinking... i should tell chris about this ;) small world.