April 27, 2010

argyll cardigan

Pattern: Argyll Cardigan by Wendy Baker
Yarn: Rowan RYC Baby Alpaca DK in Cheviot, Southdown, Lincoln and Jacob

I think I may have mentioned my dislike of intarsia. This was mainly due to an early-knitting-career intarsia disaster of which we will not speak. It lies, mercifully forgotten, somewhere at the bottom of my daughter's closet. But the gorgeousness of this baby alpaca yarn enticed me to try again and I'm glad I did. Even though I also had to sew seams.

When I bought this yarn for the project over a year ago I was well ahead of the unexpected argyle trend that was everywhere last fall. My poor sweetie could have been so hip had I not been so distractible with other knits. (But really it's a timeless style, right?)

Nowadays intarsia and I, while not exactly close friends who go on long vacations together, are at least acquaintances who nod curtly when we pass on the sidewalk.

April 25, 2010

I've decided to donate all proceeds from my Seeds pattern towards cancer research in memory of my brother-in-law. Because no-one on this earth should ever have to go through what he and his incredible family just did.

He taught me a lot about being a parent and focusing on what is most important. He will be greatly missed.

April 22, 2010

get outside

(find this awesome t-shirt here). Happy Earth Day!

April 13, 2010


The Seeds hat is tested and the pattern is for sale (see sidebar). Thanks so much to my test knitters for your help! I very much appreciate it.

This is a stranded hat with some extra length and hemmed edge for extra warmth around the ears. I don't know about you, but when it's -40 degrees celsius I don't like to have cold ears.

Yarn: Dale of Norway / Dalegarn Heilo, one skein (109 yds) each of two colours (purples) and about half a skein (55 yds) of a third (green)
Gauge: 24 sts / 4"
Finished Size: about 21" head circumference

April 9, 2010

made from scratch

Pattern: basic toe-up
Yarn: my own

This is superwash corriedale top I dyed last year some time. I then spun it into a 2-ply fingering weight and got 95% of the way through knitting these socks back in December or so, mostly at childrens' swimming lessons, I think. Then I got sick of them for no good reason other than the superwash finish on the yarn finally got to me. I understand why superwash wool is a marvel of modernity but I have to say I really prefer the feel of natural wool.

Anyway, I was racing out the door to something the other day and panicked because all I had by way of knitting either involved charts, 6 balls of yarn at once, or was too big to transport, etc. Then I dug these out of the WIP cupboard and smiled. Half an hour later they were done.

These were a very fun process at every stage. I even left enough yarn to make a matching pair for the girl, so I have more fun in store. Happy weekend!

April 6, 2010


So I've written up the pattern to this hat I posted a few weeks ago and I'm wondering if anyone wouldn't mind helping me test knit it? Please let me know. Thanks!

I have enough test knitters for this one now! Thanks for your help!!

April 4, 2010

something else not knitting

We had some gloomy rainy days last week on our holidays. The first day we went to the movies. The next day we dug through the recycling bin for cereal boxes, grabbed the 2008 Ikea catalogue, and made these. 2 1/2 hours of rainy afternoon fun. There's also a new streetscape on the Lego table.

Happy Easter!

edited to add...

As per special request by C., here is a shot of the Lego streetscape. Note the fancy silver marquee sign on the theatre in the middle and the pedestrian-scale facades....there is a fondness for walkable communities in our house.