April 4, 2010

something else not knitting

We had some gloomy rainy days last week on our holidays. The first day we went to the movies. The next day we dug through the recycling bin for cereal boxes, grabbed the 2008 Ikea catalogue, and made these. 2 1/2 hours of rainy afternoon fun. There's also a new streetscape on the Lego table.

Happy Easter!

edited to add...

As per special request by C., here is a shot of the Lego streetscape. Note the fancy silver marquee sign on the theatre in the middle and the pedestrian-scale facades....there is a fondness for walkable communities in our house.


  1. Hope you are having a lovely easter. It is so windy here, not that great out. Sun is shining but it is a bit chilly...oh well, Palm Desert will cure that ;)

  2. i want to see the streetscape ;)


  3. wow that is quite the lego set! awesome! thanks for posting.