April 9, 2010

made from scratch

Pattern: basic toe-up
Yarn: my own

This is superwash corriedale top I dyed last year some time. I then spun it into a 2-ply fingering weight and got 95% of the way through knitting these socks back in December or so, mostly at childrens' swimming lessons, I think. Then I got sick of them for no good reason other than the superwash finish on the yarn finally got to me. I understand why superwash wool is a marvel of modernity but I have to say I really prefer the feel of natural wool.

Anyway, I was racing out the door to something the other day and panicked because all I had by way of knitting either involved charts, 6 balls of yarn at once, or was too big to transport, etc. Then I dug these out of the WIP cupboard and smiled. Half an hour later they were done.

These were a very fun process at every stage. I even left enough yarn to make a matching pair for the girl, so I have more fun in store. Happy weekend!