September 16, 2011

epic knitting fail

Since I'm currently working on stuff that's taking awhile I thought I would amuse you with something else. About 2 months ago I decided to make cookie a's Clandestine socks from 'Knit.Sock.Love' and I swatched with many yarns until deciding on some fabulous Malabrigo sock yarn in a deep red (tiziano). Putting aside my misgivings about using a yarn without nylon content for durability I succumbed to its velvety softness; likely swayed by the word 'sock' in its name.

I proceeded to spend many hours knitting happily along, progressing through the charts (which are much more complicated on the leg than the foot. By then you're home free). Very time consuming but very enjoyable as well, so I was looking forward to sock #2. However, as I went along the nagging voice in my head persisted and it said "you've knit a million socks. You always cast on over two needles to ensure there's enough stretchiness on the cuff. You didn't this time because you're insane and you followed the instructions to the letter and they just said 'cast on' not 'cast on over 2 needles' and you were busy thinking about the charts and you weren't really paying attention to what you were doing and now you.are.screwed."

Of course, I completely ignored the annoying nagging voice until the very very end when I was confident I could try on the sock without pulling out a needle (thus letting fall a row of lace stitches I would never recover from). And, as you've guessed, there is a certain undeniable tightness to the cuff I am completely unable to come to terms with and the sock has been banished out of sight ever since. It doesn't even deserve a colour photo right now.

I'm starting again. LATER. With something with a bit of nylon, over 2 needles. Because it has to work next time.

September 9, 2011


Pattern: mine
Yarn: Lioness Arts Smooth Merino Fingering in colour 'Mr. Jarndyce'

My plan was simple: come up with a neck accessory that would use as much of a single skein of lovely handdyed yarn as possible. I swatched many many times on many different needles with many different ideas until I got here. I love the honeybee stitch and on 5 mm needles doing it is like knitting acrobatics. Using bamboos helped immensely. It was easy to memorize and fun to make. It has a reckless, loopy quality I love and it looks great on either side. Plus, I used all but a few metres of the skein. Score.

September 1, 2011


Pattern: Intrepid (not yet released) by Connie (yellowcosmo)
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in colour #41

This was a test-knit for Connie, who is, I think, one of the most amazing designers in the world. The patterns she's released are gorgeous, and many of her projects are originals as well. Some of them I visit periodically just to have moments of bliss. Like this. And this. And this. (For those of you not on Ravelry, I apologize).

This dress has a fabulous shoulder method and top-down construction. The cable on the front is great and the pockets, too. The Hempathy is a good yarn choice for its drapiness and light weight. My gauge meant a slight airiness to the fabric which, for modesty's sake, prompted me to don a sheer black and blue skirt underneath which acted as a pseudo slip. I will try it with only tights once the temperatures are cooler.

All in all a great summer knit and a totally enjoyable pattern.