February 25, 2012


Pattern: Vappu by Suvi Simola
Yarn: Cascade 220 heathers colour # 2425 (leftovers from this)

A few months ago Suvi and Mari Muinonen released a stunning collection of patterns as a hardcopy book in Finnish as well as 2 PDFs in English called 'Hold Your Needles'. I absolutely love the work of both of these designers so I waited for this collection with great excitement. It has a wide assortment of sweaters and accessories and there are many, many I want to knit.

I'm working on several of my own designs right now and I felt guilty jumping into a sweater but I decided I really could use a new set of mitts and hat. These only took a few nights to make and they're super warm and cozy. Now, my head is burning up with what I can only assume is the onset of the flu my children have suffered with this week so I'll go lie down. And wish I didn't have a party to attend tonight. Hope your weekend is awesome.  

February 20, 2012

release into the wild

My Ridge pattern now lives on Ravelry here. It's constructed top-down with raglan shaping using Shalimar Yarns Breathless (in 'glacier' and 'gunmetal'). It features welts along the front opening and sleeve cuffs which take a bit of time but I think add an interesting detail to an otherwise straightforward sweater.

I decided on a pleat to add interest to the back and used Erica's ingenius decrease pleat in reverse.

The yarn is wonderful to work with and I think this will be a useful layer in cool-to-warm weather months.

February 13, 2012

I can't stop

I may be a wee bit obsessed at the moment with dyeing. I also can't stop reading the Hunger Games books. I don't think the 2 are related but you never know. Happy Valentine's Day :)

February 12, 2012

another use for swatches

The girl started violin lessons last week. I couldn't resist renting one for myself, too. The rentals don't come with shoulder rests and they cost $35. After trying various cloths and sponges I discovered my swatch was the perfect thickness.

I'm also having fun with Instagram on my phone.

And spinning.

(Northboundknitting BFL in 'Nocturne' spun to fingering wt.)

And more dyeing

And knitting. I'll show soon.

Happy weekend.