February 12, 2012

another use for swatches

The girl started violin lessons last week. I couldn't resist renting one for myself, too. The rentals don't come with shoulder rests and they cost $35. After trying various cloths and sponges I discovered my swatch was the perfect thickness.

I'm also having fun with Instagram on my phone.

And spinning.

(Northboundknitting BFL in 'Nocturne' spun to fingering wt.)

And more dyeing

And knitting. I'll show soon.

Happy weekend.


  1. It's so nice to be able to play violin, good luck with her lessons! I've never played violin (only piano), but my niece studies it to become a professional.
    Beautiful yarn, once again!

  2. Yes, instagram is quite addictive!! Hooray for the violin lessons.

  3. Swatches are amazing things to have around ... I love your use for this one!