February 25, 2012


Pattern: Vappu by Suvi Simola
Yarn: Cascade 220 heathers colour # 2425 (leftovers from this)

A few months ago Suvi and Mari Muinonen released a stunning collection of patterns as a hardcopy book in Finnish as well as 2 PDFs in English called 'Hold Your Needles'. I absolutely love the work of both of these designers so I waited for this collection with great excitement. It has a wide assortment of sweaters and accessories and there are many, many I want to knit.

I'm working on several of my own designs right now and I felt guilty jumping into a sweater but I decided I really could use a new set of mitts and hat. These only took a few nights to make and they're super warm and cozy. Now, my head is burning up with what I can only assume is the onset of the flu my children have suffered with this week so I'll go lie down. And wish I didn't have a party to attend tonight. Hope your weekend is awesome.  


  1. Thank you for knitting these! Such a beautiful job!

  2. The mitts and hat look fabulous Chris! They look super cozy with the winter weather that is starting to show itself. At least around here. :)

  3. Chris, these are truly too delicious! How inspiring you are! I really should knit myself a MATCHING set of hat and mitts. Of course, I haven't needed much of either this winter, but I'm sure that won't be the norm.

    I clicked on the link and promptly lost many many minutes (some might say hours) perusing. Didn't get all my laundry done as a result. So thanks for that.

  4. Great color on! With the weather here finally dipping into colder temps your gloves look very tempting to make :)