April 27, 2010

argyll cardigan

Pattern: Argyll Cardigan by Wendy Baker
Yarn: Rowan RYC Baby Alpaca DK in Cheviot, Southdown, Lincoln and Jacob

I think I may have mentioned my dislike of intarsia. This was mainly due to an early-knitting-career intarsia disaster of which we will not speak. It lies, mercifully forgotten, somewhere at the bottom of my daughter's closet. But the gorgeousness of this baby alpaca yarn enticed me to try again and I'm glad I did. Even though I also had to sew seams.

When I bought this yarn for the project over a year ago I was well ahead of the unexpected argyle trend that was everywhere last fall. My poor sweetie could have been so hip had I not been so distractible with other knits. (But really it's a timeless style, right?)

Nowadays intarsia and I, while not exactly close friends who go on long vacations together, are at least acquaintances who nod curtly when we pass on the sidewalk.


  1. Very nice! You must be patient to knit such a complex cardi!

  2. this is awesome. chris, you are a rockstar. boh agrees.

  3. seems to me you're an arglye pro!

  4. I'd say you and Intarsia were able to put aside your differences and work toward a common goal quite effectively!

    Did you invite Steeking to join in the fun, too?

  5. Looks fabulous! You must love your sweetie more than I love mine: never ever would I make him a giant intarsia cardigan. ;)

  6. Wow it looks great. Lucky,lucky,guy!