May 9, 2010

the grass grows

'Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself''
Zen Proverb

One of 2 plants my children gave me today. Then they tagged along with me through the greenhouses at the garden centre. The fresh plant smells! The heady aroma of living things after a long, cold winter. Totally intoxicating.

The underside of a cardigan I'm working on. I love the hummocky landscape of lace.

The beginning of a cardigan I'm designing. Lovely summer weight hemp and cotton.

I hope your spring is green and peaceful. happy mother's day.


  1. Yea, I love the smell of green too!

  2. cant wait to see more of the sweaters.... :-)

    happy m day!

  3. Love the pot that the plant is in. How thoughtful! I'm loving the green smells also.

    That blue yarn is wonderful! The green is also. Can't pick a favorite.

    Hope your day was most wonderful!


  4. happy mother's day!

    what type of yarn is the green? what a great color!