May 29, 2010

rainy day musing

So I'm working on the cardigan above and I'm really enjoying it. A LOT. Not using a pattern and relying completely on my own small brain is very challenging and thrilling. But I've been purposely saving the tops of the fronts for last because I kept changing my mind about how to go about the neck area in general. I am a big fan of collars. I like fabric around or in the vicinity of my neck because I don't like a draft. This is a transitional sort of lightweight sweater so it could go either way - cozier with more collar, or more summery without.

After several hours of thinking and sketching about this (I'm a slow and frequently interrupted thinker) this morning, I think I've decided on no collar. Ha. Done. Now I can knit on. I hope to finish this soon to show you.

I'm also doing a minor destash (Ravelry link). I just can't knit everything I own.

Have a great weekend!


  1. swoon. love that green with those buttons. can't wait to see more of this!

  2. Can't wait to see the sweater finished! The color is wonderful and the buttons are awesome!

    I so need to get my purple sweater finished!!!

  3. i figure that you'll have it done by tomorrow seeing as we've had barrels of rain for last 24 hours.


  4. btw - i love your front page sketch ;)


  5. I say go no collar for this time of year. Then, you can still wear it in the fall with a shirt with a collar on it, and pull it out over the cardigan. Great color! ~Jan