June 4, 2010

space cadet

Just a quick post to say that maybe the stress of getting water in my basement last weekend (remember our beautiful new floors?yah.well), near-constant threat of more thunderstorms/water, crazy workload at work, etc. is finally messing with my brain...

A while ago I watched part of Planet 51 and totally fell in love with the 'sets' and their curvalinear buildings, street furniture, etc. I think the "circle connected to another circle by a line" thing is stuck in my head. At lunch today I did a quick excel chart for maybe a future fair isle thingamabob and I started out just doing trees. Then they were trees mirrored (like trees and roots), then flipped horizontally. Circles attached with lines.

Then I stood back and saw the weird optical illusion thing happening with the diagonals. I don't think I could handle a whole sweater of this. Even 40 years ago. Happy Friday!


  1. Hope things get better with the basement. I sometimes get worried about our half basement. What do you do?

    You are so imaginative with your designs. I'm not sure if I could have ever come up with anything like you did above.

    Here's to a weekend full of good weather!

  2. Heh heh, that is funny. I see what you mean, a bit mesmerizing. But I kind of like it - very late 60s/early 70s. My favorite decor period.

  3. Just catching up on blogs and I wanted to tell you I LOVE the snaps n lace cardi you did for your daughter. Beautiful!