July 9, 2010

windy city check in

I love Americans and I love travelling in America. I love the accents, the clean cities, the weirdness with tea (having to specify "hot" tea when I want tea, and remembering the iced tea isn't sweetened). We are having a fabulous time.

I always love Minneapolis and the trip to their zoo was great. It's wonderfully designed, and we didn't expect the dolphin tank. Very cool. Wisconsin Dells was OK. The waterpark was great. Lake Geneva WI is totally lovely.

I have wanted to visit Millenium Park in Chicago (above) for quite awhile now. It features fabulous public art and architecture and I'm so happy we got to see it today.

Knitting is happening, though the days are packed and end for the most part in a dark tent. I'm 1/2 done the body on the green cardigan. My fears about running out of knitting were, of course, unfounded.

Hope you have a great weekend, dudes.


  1. Glad to hear the Midwest is treating you well - it's been my adopted home for the last three years and even though I'm just from Washington State, I still get culture shock from time to time!