July 30, 2010


So that merino top I dyed

spun up into 256 yds. of 3 ply worsted-to-dk weight

I know I said I was shooting for fingering. Didn't happen. Mostly due to the nubbiness of the top, which is somewhat evident in the photos, which made it much less smooth to spin and control while doing so. I was picking off nubs every few feet. This was due to my forceful dye job on the roving several years ago when I was new at it and beat the daylights out of the wool, turning it into a near-felted dense mass which no amount of drafting could smooth out completely. I don't have carders. I need carders. No matter. It's spun. Not the greatest yarn in the world but I'm thinking it would make a lovely cowl or something where the individual stitches are not so important as the overall texture.

Anyone have a favourite neckwarmer/cowl/any other pattern that would work? I know that's what Ravelry searches are for, but I like getting recommendations. Next you can help me find something to wear to my niece's wedding cause that's killing me (just kidding :).

Have a great weekend!


  1. I have lots of ideas! A Very Braidy Cowl? Or Camusdarach (that's a new one..) or one of my favorites - Birthday Cowl? I think anything that plays up the texture of the yarn, by not having too complicated a stitch pattern would work.

    The yarn is very pretty, seriously. And it's Merino so it will be soft.

    I have some of that felty stuff in my stash too. Similar dyeing approaches.

  2. Whatever problems there was spinning it, the color is gorgeous! I'll have to think about a pattern to suggest to do justice with that color. Surely can't give any good advice on wedding attire. ;)

  3. What about a bathing suit to the wedding?