August 7, 2010

insane in the membrane

It's hovering around 30 degrees celsius (86 F) most days here with a high humidity level because it's wanted to thunderstorm every 12 hours for the past 3 months but I'm knitting with wool. Black wool, no less. And a whole sweater's worth; no fooling around on a little hat or sock. But I had an idea and for some reason I have to knit it up. Right. Now.

I am also thinking about some quick projects using handspun. There's a cool contest going on right now on Ravelry for just that. I don't happen to have any of that particular fibre in my stash (I don't know how that happened) but I'm thinking of doing it anyway and just not submitting.

If I can manage to switch my thinking to small, quick and light on my lap.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I absolutely love all the shades of grey and black in your project. What ever you making, it's going to look great.

  2. Good luck on a quick finish! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  3. Hi Chris, hope you are having a good weekend. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I am just getting back into blogging full on - slowly. I am definitely still in summer mode and finishing off a uni course. It's nice here but just now it's hailing golf balls.

  4. Doing the 4oz Challenge but not submitting the project would be a shame. Can't have that. Problem fixed today. Stay tuned.