August 29, 2010

girl day

This is what my daughter called yesterday, as it was the day we got up early and headed over to the salon to have our hair done for my niece's wedding, then dressed up and hung out with the bridesmaids while they had their makeup done. We had the backstage pass because my daughter was the flower girl; an honour she accepted with much seriousness and anticipation.

Her main job turned out to be ensuring the adorable 3 year old ring-bearer made it down the aisle with the rings, which they both managed to pull off. The wedding itself was beautiful and full of fun and my children never let the dance floor grow cold.

I did manage to find something to wear and not finding something summery to wear to a summer wedding until the very last minute of summer meant it was also on sale. :)

Knitting-wise, this is my current obsession, in between working up a pattern for some incredible fibre Lisa sent me. More on this later.

Happy weekend, peeps.


  1. i bow to your colorwork mad skillz. and hooray for weddings and girl days.

  2. daughter's hair is just darling :) and your colourwork ... well, there are no words ... stunning!

  3. I love the photos of the kids. What adorable hair! Awh.

  4. The sweater looks very interesting, is it a design from Rowan? And your daughter looks very cute. Greetings from Gremany to you.

  5. Greetings from Canada, Ghislaine! The sweater design is 'Autumn Rose Pullover' by Eunny Jang, just in different colours.