September 1, 2010


So that merino I spun needed to be something and the 4!Ounce!Challenge! is on and Lisa, bless her heart, has sent me some absolutely fabulous Hello Yarn falklands fiber to enter the contest with so I've been thinking about what one can knit with 4oz of fiber and all I can think of when I think towards winter is how cold my neck gets and how much I hate a cold and drafty neck. A cowl is a humble and ordinary sort of project, perhaps. But there it is. A prototype in the stuff I dyed while I finish spinning the real thing, which is this:

Isn't it gorgeous? I know. I love spinning this. Thank you, Lisa. You totally rock.


  1. Hey, you're the one inventing the new pattern! I love cables like that. They remind me of ocean creatures.
    Have fun!

  2. Beautiful! I love those colors - and the cowl is lovely :-)

  3. Loving the pretty yellow and purple colors. Can't wait to see how that spins up. :)

  4. The cowl is lovely. There's something very nice about all the textures and the two little buttons.