September 25, 2010

things what are pink


is currently turning into this:

It's another sweater's worth of CMF fibre and it's going to be awesome. It's all sketched out and everything. I know I haven't knit up the last sweater quantity batch of CMF fibre, although it is started. I decided not to make the Tea Leaves cardi with it but something from my head instead. Just to continue the 'making it from scratch' theme, I guess. And I'm intrigued about designing for handspun at the moment. Anyway, more on the above once the 32oz are finished spinning.

I've returned to my bad 'multiple-WIPs' ways lately after a few months' attempt at knitting monogamy. So as not to overwhelm you, I'll just talk about something else that's pink.

It's top-down (obviously), raglan, steeked, and stranded. The pattern will change in an inch or so again, increasing in scale as it goes down the slightly A-line body. It's for my daughter. It's going fine except I cannot.stand.the.yarn. At least in this particular application. It's Knitpicks telemark and I'm knitting it to its usual gauge but the thing is it's just too densely spun a yarn for my liking here. And it's resulting in a fabric that's too dense and generally un-drapey. I wish I'd used Lamb's Pride sport; same gauge but a more loosely spun ply.

I'm trying to decide if I should continue and just live with the fact it's a denser sort of sweater (for outdoors?). And maybe try thrashing it against some boulders at a creek to soften it...

Or do I frog?

And if I continue should I keep with the small pattern down the arms, or switch to plain light pink for a layered effect, or omit them altogether? Thoughts?

Happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful. Love the pink. My daughter would be sooo jealous :)

  2. Personally, I think if you went with a looser pattern, these squares do seem to be tiny and you are carrying an awful lot of yarn on the back, it wouldn't be quite so dense. It is a beautiful pattern, but try to find some looser, lighter spun yarn for it and you would probably be happier. Dense yarn+dense pattern=dense sweater. Isn't that Telemark really scratchy as well? -Kay

  3. Beautiful pinks! My suggestion is to do what feels right. if you really dislike the yarn, then there's no point on knitting and feeling angry at it :) In this case I'd probably get another yarn and enjoy knitting.

    But it looks beautiful anyway and I love how the pattern changes from small to larger.