September 26, 2010


Pattern: my own
Yarn: The Fibre Company Terra in 'Shale' (40% baby alpaca, 40% wool, 20% silk)
Needles: 7.5mm

As I found my last post somewhat depressing, I thought I would show something happier. Thanks for your thoughts on the pink sweater. I'm going to put that project in a time out until I decide what I'm doing. I have many projects going right now that are taking awhile (yes. I know that the first of those things results in the second) and some have their 'issues', so I needed some instant gratification for a change.

I found this wonderful yarn the other day and decided to see what I could make with only two skeins. I've mentioned before my dislike for chills in my neck region and I've had the habit lately of wearing lightweight scarfs/shawls indoors, so I'm putting together a collection of such accessories.

I used 7.5mm needles for a super drapey feel, cast on 26 sts and sat in front of the tv for some completely mindless stockinette. I stopped when I was almost done the second skein and it wrapped around my neck twice. Then I bound off, seamed the two ends together and then seamed the whole thing into a tube. All ends hidden, no need to block and no need to tie together when worn. I wanted a simple way to showcase this soft and textural yarn and this is perfect.


  1. I'm usually not a big gray fan, but I like all the different shades in this one. Love those fast projects! :)

  2. I've been feeling the pull of gray lately and your neck thingey captures its muted elegance.

    As for your pink sweater dilemma, I think it's looking awesome! I think you should just switch to non-stranded for the sleeves and the rest of the body to lighten it up. Maybe a little stranded pattern again at the cuff?

    So glad you joined Drawing Friday.