July 13, 2010

home sweet bed

Travelling is wonderful, but after 11 days of the four of us living together in confined spaces (tent, car, hotel room) it's really great to spread out again in our house. Here's a shot of the forest next to our campsite 2 nights ago.

Knitting-wise, this is my progress on the testknit. I'm further along than this now, even with some ripping back of a few rows foolishly knit in a too-dark tent. This is such a great design. (Yes. Both the other sweaters were dragged all the way there and back without being touched or needed. But I'm happy they came.)

I forgot to mention a bunny I made my friend for her adorable new baby before we left. I love this pattern.

I also got to run into one of my favourite yarn stores, Boucle, in Fargo. Such a sweet little place and I love the whole strip of stores on Broadway where it is. I got to feel up some yarns I can't get where I live and I bought just a few sock yarns (Madelinetosh!) since we had about 3 cubic inches of space left in the car.

Hope you're having a good summer.


  1. Isn't being home in your own bed grand. It's great to go on trips, but it wonderful to get back home.

    Love the sweater you are working on. The green is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished. Love the bunny. :)

  2. Take a big loooooong shower and enjoy the laundry. It's an excuse to putter around the house, right?

    And the green cardi is looking good :-)

  3. It's great to go on a vacation but yes, nothing's better than coming home and sleeping in your own bed again :-)

  4. Your cardigan looks great(and the bunny is adorable)! Isn't it nice to relax, shop for yarn and knit on vacation?