July 6, 2009

you also can't have too many socks

I'm really in a mood to finish up old stuff so I can move on. Plus, I'm running out of needles cause they're all on projects (and I own a LOT of needles. People have given them to me, I've bought many, and my friend once picked up a whole mess of them at an estate sale. I'm afraid to do an actual count, but I think this means I have about 40 WIPs).

So here's the mate to the sorry sock from here. Handspun (by me) from Yummy Yarn Finn roving. I learned two different toes (I did toe-up for these). I was stretching a very small amount of yarn for these as I had given most of this batch of yarn away, so they're a bit shorter than I would normally do and they're a looser gauge, too, but they're wearable. They were just meant to be an experiment anyway.

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