July 15, 2009

...somewhere a dog barked

I was really hoping the fair isle cardigan I'm making for the girl would be finished by now but it's not quite. My personal deadline is before we leave on a westerly road trip next week because its 8 various balls of yarn and the fact I haven't bothered to copy the page in the hardcover book the pattern is in make it a not very portable project. And it's size 4-5 and she just turned 5, so time is running out.

So here's some other stuff. The top photo is the wonderful stilted Gustavo the Impossiblist at the Folk Festival this weekend. Much music was listened to and fun was had.

The middle (horrible) photos (please. someone. tell me about a good camera with a decent macro lens that I should buy) is some BFL roving I turned into 2-ply sock yarn. Why I only achieved 260 yds with 4oz I do not know. Argh. I want more!

Also, as you can tell I have made several doll-type toys for my children. These are just what I could grab in 2 minutes. There are others. Anyway, I am trying to resist this pattern from the fabulous Amy K. whose blog I adore. I have already undertaken her idea to turn an unused long-sleeved t-shirt into a cardigan. Isn't it great? I'm wearing one that I "made" right now but forgot to take a bad photo of it.

Hope you're enjoying your summer!


  1. WOW!! Those dolls are so amazing!! Talk about skillz!

    How was folk festival?

  2. Thanks! We just did one day at Folk Fest, but it was fun. G. wanted to see Arlo Guthrie.