July 16, 2009

mail awesomeness

A few weeks ago the fabulous Melissa declared that her blog had turned 3 years old and she was giving away some great stuff to celebrate. And I actually won! The mailguy delivered the first package today (it's in 2 exciting shipments!). I am so absolutely happy to own this great book (you're well aware of my spinning technique shortcomings), this fabulous handspun sock yarn, and these adorable wooden buttons. I hope I shall knit a garment worthy of them. I am awaiting the Folktale Fibers handspun yarn which will be here when I get home from my travels.

Thanks so much Melissa!


  1. yay! the folktale just showed up here, so i'm sending it on it's way to you!

  2. I saw that you won!!! That is so great!! Those buttons are delicious (but don't actually eat them).