July 25, 2009

head for the hills

The laptop came. I couldn't handle the whining anymore and caved..."why do the other portable technologies get to come and I don't get to?"(the dvd player and nintendo ds came). At least that's the reason I'm holding to. It has nothing at all to do with my addiction to those silly internets. Nothing.

Except when you're camping like us there aren't too many of them to be found. We're hotelling it for one night, so I'm checking in on all of you quickly.

There is some sock knitting happening (see above) and other knitting, but not as much as I'd hoped. I'm doing a lot of the driving. And after we set up camp and eat each night there are usually about 20 minutes or so of daylight left and I do a few rows and then crash. I'm having an extremely lovely time anyway.

Note the bison walking the highway. It's a road within Elk Island Park, near Edmonton. What we failed to photograph in our excitement the previous day were the 60 or so bison of various sizes all over the same road and around our car as we inched our way through them. There were tons of coyotes there as well, howling through the night.

Tomorrow we head for the mountains.


  1. These are the trips that A&A are totally going to remember. Sounds like so much fun! Hope you are roasting lots of marshmallows!

  2. I hope you have a lovely time! We are big campers and I love road trips :)