March 16, 2009

experiment sock.1.a

This may look familiar. See here and here. I was feeling like I should just move forward and finish the sock already. I had a limited amount of handspun as I'd given the majority of it away, so it prompted me to finally learn to do a toe up sock. I'm very pleased with my toe, in particular.

I am not too eager to make the second sock but I know I should. The thing is, as it was the first time I'd spun a two-ply for sock yarn, or anything for socks for that matter, I spun it a wee bit thin for my liking. I should have gone down a needle size, but then my sock probably would have ended somewhere around my ankle and I haven't worn ankle socks since about grade 6.

But the striping is pleasing and the process in general satisfying, so I have 1 lb. of superwash Corriedale waiting and ready for dyeing and subsequent spinning into 3 or 4 pairs of 3-ply socks. Cause nothing beats home-dyed/-spun/-knit footwear.