May 27, 2012

rainy day spinning

I somehow failed to take a picture of this gorgeous superwash merino fibre from Pigeonroof Studios before spinning it, but this is it spun. I have about 282 yds of sport/dk weight from 4oz. The colour is called 'Springtide', from the May fibre club. I love the large percentage of white in this. Light and cheerful.

Is anyone doing the Tour de Fleece this year? If you spin, it's a fun thing to join and set challenges for yourself while the Tour de France is on. Assuming you're like me and need to be doing something else while you watch tv. I'm on the Northbound Knitting team and I thought I was all set to spin another sweater's worth of fibre when I realized I may be away from my wheel for 2 of the weeks it's on. This means digging out the spindle I haven't used in years and struggling to make something resembling yarn with it. Yikes. I'm severely downgrading my fibre amount goals now.

Happy long weekend, American peeps. I wish I could stay home tomorrow, too.


  1. Since I spun mine too, I'm curious what you're going to knit with this pretty yarn!

  2. oh my goodness, chris. GORGEOUS!

  3. It looks beautiful!! I don't have the time to TdF this year, so you better post lots of pictures so I can see the yarn you make!

  4. Drool. I've been feeling the pull of a drop spindle lately but am trying to resist, especially since I seem to have embarked on a sewing extravaganza.