May 14, 2012

miscellaneous monday

I just got this off my wheel, so I thought I'd show you. First I grabbed a bunch of "experiment dyeing" fibre I had lying around and sorted it into dark and light colour piles. Then spun each and plied them together to make a cheerful hodepodge. I have about 300 yds of worsted weight, so I might use it in a sweater for the girl along with a solid colour.

I'm still at the bottom of the sock rabbit hole with no desire to leave, so I cast on for a pair with this fabulous bfl yarn that Odessa dyed and sells at her store. I love these jewel colours.

I also put some superwash merino combed top in the shop yesterday. I have the day off today, so I plan to dye, knit and enjoy the gorgeous weather.


  1. Love what you spun together Chris! All those colors mixed about are gorgeous. Those jewel colors from your friend are pretty fabulous also.
    Heres hoping that you were able to enjoy your day off as planned. :)

  2. I love what you spun up! Unicorn barf magic.