May 6, 2012

give me some wood and i'll build you a cabinet*

Pattern: 'Clandestine' by cookie a
Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label Fingering Wt. in 'Peacock'

This week, I finished knitting this pattern for the second time since it's an option in the socks class I'm teaching and the first pair I made live in Ontario and weren't available as demos. This time I used the Knitty pattern version, and it's written differently from the Knit.Sock.Love version I used previously. I much prefer the Knitty one. The charts are less complicated and I generally found it read more clearly.

Tanis's yarns are wonderful, and this colour is striking in real life. The overcast day won't let me capture it well. I love my new sock blockers, too. I feel so mature, owning sock blockers.

Also, ongoing dyeing. Some of my current favourites:

(superwash merino)

( a new heavy lace / light fingering yarn I'm trying that's fanTAStic. great yardage, too)

Hope you have a good week.

* It's a sad time for Beastie Boys fans. :(


  1. Beautiful socks in a fantastic colour! Have a good week!

  2. Loving the images on your post today!

  3. gorgeous everything here: socks, yarn, etc. and agreed: RIP MCA.

  4. Great socks....I really want to knit some more socks but I think I'll wait until I have figured out how to do two at once...less of a fear of SSS :)