May 18, 2012

spoiled for choice

When I started dyeing yarn and thinking about opening a shop I knew I wanted to offer a fairly simple and straightforward collection of yarns in all weights. Partly because, as a spinner, I also wanted to dye several sheep breeds and I didn't want a store cluttered with a bazillion different things. I like it simple. So I tested many yarns and thought a lot about what I would want if I could only choose a few. Ultimately, I dye what I most love to work with.

I have this fantastic fingering weight sock yarn in the shop that's a 75% superwash merino / 25% nylon blend and I enjoy dyeing it and knitting with it a lot. It has a lovely, smooth ply. But I have another sock yarn that has slightly less nylon (20%) in it but has a plumper twist to the plies. Both are great yarns, perfect for socks, shawls, etc.  But I needed to choose between the two because I don't like offering two bases that are so similar. After much thought  I decided to go with the second one. It will be put in the shop in a few weeks.

So I've put the skeins of the first yarn on sale and I won't be dyeing more. I figure no-one but me is emotionally attached to it yet, so I have some flexibility.  : )

1 comment:

  1. I so agree about keeping things simple, it somehow feels better this way.
    Can't wait to see all the colours you come up with!