June 9, 2012

stranded wips

It's been really hot lately and hard to get motivated to knit. This time of year I usually think about sewing things instead and I have something planned that I'll talk about later. I have, however, made 50% progress on the pair of socks I'm knitting. This fabulous pattern is Autumn Frost Socks by Susi Ferguson and yarn is St-Denis Boreale.

Concurrently and coincidentally  I'm knitting another of Susi's patterns - her Mountain Mist sweater, in Wollmeise. Susi is one of those uber talented people I am always excited to see new projects from.

Being June, it's hectic around here during the last weeks of school, final performances, final lessons, etc. The boy has a rather elaborate (compared to mine, at least) grade six graduation day to prepare for. And the girl's birthday is coming; my sweet animal lover chose to have her party at the humane society.

Hope you're having a great June, too.  


  1. when i saw the title, i thought you meant the other kind of stranded! lovely.

  2. These are both fabulous and worthy of being rescued from the WIP pile. I love the socks particularly.

  3. Really lovely socks.
    I have to say I already adore your daughter, choosing to have a birthday party at the humane society. my kind of gal!

  4. I love your projects. Your colorwork always looks amazing. Good luck with all of your end of the year projects....so many things in so little time it seems. Any fun summer plans?

  5. Oh my goodness! All I can say is WOW!