June 30, 2012

tour de fleece

The Tour de France starts today, which means so does the Tour de Fleece, whereby one sets whatever spinning challenges for oneself that one desires and the joining of a team for support is optional. This is my first Tour de Fleece, so I'm excited that I have such a fabulous group to spin with - Northbound Knitting.

I'm starting with a sweater's worth of this:

It's Lisa's superwash BFL in 'Purple Rain', 20 oz. I'll do a 2-ply sportweight, so that will take me awhile.

Then I'm out of town for a few days so I'm going to attempt to spindle spin this:

Again, from Lisa, it's Cheviot and called 'Violent Mood Swings'. I have no goals beyond making something vaguely resembling yarn, since my spindling skills are so poor.

Then I'll find something else to do if I still have time. Which I doubt will be an issue.

I should probably watch some of the cycling, too.

1 comment:

  1. To a non-spinner, this looks like an undoable amount of spinning. Then again, you don't cease to amaze me. The colors sure are gorgeous. (LOVE the Violent Mood Swings!!) Happy cycling! I mean, spinning!