July 2, 2012

First 3 days of TDF

Tour de Fleece Day 1: spun 2oz of my first braid (next braid shown for reference).  Not too impressive, but I have lots of other stuff going on, so I'm fine with that.

Day 2: another 2oz spun, so need to let them rest a bit before plying them together. Also, watched part of the race. Always exhilarating.

Day 3: another 2oz single spun, plus plied together the first two bobbins and got about 286 yds of 2-ply sportweight. If I'm consistent that means 1430 yds which should work for a sweater for moi.

Though I just received an absolutely awesome swap package from my friend in Sweden and it includes these beauties:

I'm very tempted to take a wee sweater-spin break to try them out on the wheel (yes, I know I just started the sweater and hardly qualify for a break. your point?) cause I've never spun tweedy stuff before.

You're caught up. Vive la TDF!


  1. Looking at what you'd spun, it's gonna be a really pretty sweater.

  2. Congratulations on such a great start to TDF! Beautiful work.