July 24, 2012

TDF recap

Between having houseguests and going on a car trip during Tour de Fleece this year I feel like I barely got any spinning done, even though I actually spun much more than I normally do. Above is some spindling I managed in the hotel room before crashing at night. Fibre is Northbound Knitting cheviot in 'Violent Mood Swings'. I only got half of it spun, so I need to finish.

 I also had a small amount (1.8 oz) of some sw merino / nylon I'd dyed left over, so spun it up into a 2-ply fingering wt. and got about 206 yds. I'll spin something else to go with it now.

A few weeks ago my friend in Sweden gave me some amazing batts from Limmo-Design. They had lots of great nepps and made for a highly entertaining spin. I got about 216 yds 2-ply dk weight from 100g.

And finally it was touch and go at the end but I managed to finish my sweater spin. Fibre is Northbound Knitting bfl in 'Purple Rain'. I got about 1376 yds of 2-ply sportweight, so that should be plenty.

I'm happy with everything, even if I feel like a slacker compared to some other people I know. I also didn't see a lot of the bike race, though I barely watch tv during the summer anyway. Maybe the Olympics will captivate me.

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  1. Pretty pretty!! I love all you tour de fleecers, any amount of spinning is pretty impressive to me. I've been watching the Olympics sporadically and had to start some garter stitch to cope.