October 23, 2011

knitting for menfolk

I have, periodically, offered to knit or been requested to knit for the 2 wonderful guys in my house. It doesn't happen a lot, so when it does I try to be accommodating. I've had a few other things going lately, but next on my list is to finish this zippered cardigan for my husband

and a knitted hockey jersey for my son.

There's been an interesting discussion going on in the Ravelry Designers' group concerning knitting and designing for men and boys and their aesthetic 'limits'. My guys seem to be pretty typical to what others are saying; no bright colours (this is a pretty burnt orange), complicated patterning or shaping, etc.

However, the knitted hockey jersey is a good challenge and fun from a historical perspective, as originally all the game jerseys were knit (by the players' grandmas?).

Then there's the Tragically Hip video for 'Courage' (which I'm unable to find a link to) in which Gordon Downie is wearing a Bruins sweater knit by his mother. Anyway, kinda cool.

My question for you is this: I want to knit this jersey for my 11 year old in worsted weight, and I have the logo yarn colours in this weight as well and was just going to intarsia that part.

Do you think it will be too pixelated? I then considered doing it in fingering weight and sewing it on. Being a 'fair isle circle' that will be a bit of a trick, but maybe look better?....in case you're wondering, I've already decided not to attempt the little air force wings on the shoulders. Feedback welcome.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Wow, this is going to be an amazing project -- I absolutely cannot wait to see your progress so I hope you plan to post as you knit. My vote would be for the intarsia in worsted weight mainly because I think the logo will look more connected to the whole jersey that way. And if you're able/comfortable knitting intarsia, I say show off your mad skills.!