October 10, 2011

fleece project :: conclusion

Here's a quick recap if you're just joining us...

I received a raw Welsh fleece from my friends several months ago. I don't have a photo of the particular sheep in question, who was very dear to my friends, but I imagine she looked somewhat like this.

It arrived like this

full of lovely oils and farm related stuff, like goat hair

I washed it all (it took about 3 hrs) and it came out gorgeous and fluffy

Here it is some of it carded

and spun into a roughly dk weight 2-ply yarn

and then I knit some mitts

lined with some soft alpaca

and a matching hat

and sent them off to my friends this week as a thank you for their wonderful gift. I hope they keep them warm this winter.

We enjoyed one fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with our family last night and have another to look forward to tonight (winter's coming; we need to bulk up ;). Last night we also had our first NHL home game after losing our team 15 years ago. Our city was ecstatic (hockey is rather big here).

We have much to be thankful for.


  1. oh my goodness, chris, this is fantastic. thanks for taking the time to post life-cycle photos of this hat+mitts set. and happy belated thanksgiving to you!

  2. Like farm to fork, your post is a great reminder of where our fiber comes from, and how much love, energy, and time it takes to turn a sheep's coat into the knitted things we wear and treasure. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What an amazing job you did!! Wow wow wow!

  4. How very interesting to see the entire process. You continue to amaze me!