October 2, 2011


Thanks to some fabulous testers I now have this pattern up for release (here and sidebar). The yarn is Lioness Arts Smooth Merino Fingering in Mr. Jarndyce (Bleak House Collection) - a subtle and lovely violet-y purple.

I know I've mentioned numerous times my adoration for neck apparel, not liking chilly necks, etc. and I wanted the option of a fairly straightforward but interesting single skein project. This honeybee stitch was really fun to adapt to my needs and I love the airiness of the result.

We've started to have a few nippier mornings and evenings and I find this scarf is great to throw on with my jean jacket for a walk with the dog. It's been super busy around here with classes and activities starting again (and construction season not yet over). I hope you're all busy and happy, too.


  1. Congratulations on your new pattern, it's beautiful! Love the stitch pattern!

  2. So pretty! I'm sure you are looking darn spiffy wearing this while walking the dog. :)

  3. Lovely pattern and what a great choice of color.