October 17, 2011

not Rhinebeck. better.

This weekend I went on my first knitting retreat, hosted by Mona and Odessa from my LYS - Wolseley Wool. It was absolutely awesome. I would have on-site photos to show you if I had been able to find room to bring my camera in the 2-loads-to-the-car amount of stuff I hauled there with me (spinning wheel, lazy kate and bobbins, carders, knitting project, yoga mat, deck chair, sleeping bag, pillow, gluten-free snacks, a few clothes).

We went to a nearby camp and there we spun and knit and had great classes and hilarious conversations and ate the most awesome tasting food. It was made even better for me by the fact it was on Rhinebeck weekend which has always made me a bit sad because I wasn't there, but this was just as fun (and I think I might get a bit irritated by those huge crowds anyway). I spent all of Saturday learning to make fancier yarn (though my attempt is not worth photographing) from Francine of Rovings who is such a wonderful person (she's met Jared Flood and says he's very nice). I did some kool-aid sock yarn dyeing (below) and learned to make felted soap scrubbers. We enjoyed watching deer wander through the camp.

All in all a fabulous time and I'm so glad I went. Being around fellow fibre-lovers for awhile made me feel a bit less obsessed and a little closer to normal.


  1. Wow!! So glad you had a great weekend -- well deserved and obviously productive too!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I know what you mean about other knitters making you feel normal.