November 2, 2011


Wool. The most wonderful fibre in the world. Also highly misused as a term to describe multiple fibre combinations that contain no sheep's wool at all. There's a campaign this month to inform people about wool and its properties - the amazing Kate Davies is starting it here, and the official website is here and under the button at right. On the heels of Shetland Wool Week, Jamieson and Smith is involved and offering prizes for the Wovember photo gallery - also check out their new book Knit Real Shetland here.

Speaking of wool, Jared has a new fingering weight version of Shelter yarn which looks wonderful.

Winter's coming. Put on some real wool.


  1. love it. your post made me click through to a bunch of these links, which i missed earlier this week. thank you. here's to wool!

  2. Wool makes me so happy and I love this effort.

  3. I just love Kate Davies, don't you? She's so incredibly passionate that she has made me see things differently. Even little things like lichen and moss. I'm so so glad I discovered her blog. What a treasure she is!