November 11, 2011


Yes. Two posts in one day. I'm so reckless.

This is something I've been working on lately - a top-down raglan cardigan in Shalimar Yarns 'Breathless'. It's a merino / cashmere / silk blend that is absolutely amazing to knit with. Her colours are wonderful, too. This is shown in 'Glacier' (MC) and 'Gunmetal' (CC).

I have loved welts and ridges for a long time, and I really liked how this yarn felt when folded, so I decided to use welts in my design. The sleeves have three of them which form a sort of extended cuff, and this is repeated on the front edges. Then the top and bottom of the body are hemmed. I think this gives nice structure to the fingering weight sweater, as does the gauge of 26 sts / 4" (10cm). I debated for a time about closures and settled on eyes and hooks on the upper front, so as not to distract from the ridges.

I was also wanting something, similar to the ridge, on the back for interest and came across Erica's ingenius decrease pleat, which she kindly permitted me to use and reverse for a top-down. Overall, pleased.


  1. I love the lines of this cardigan! The pleat on the back is fantastic :) Beautiful work!

  2. I would be very pleased also Chris! Gorgeous color and those ridges and the pleat is absolutely wonderful. Super job!

  3. Oooh, I like it! Pretty colour too!

  4. It's very unusual with the welts and everything, but it's beautiful. Absolutely lovely.