December 31, 2009

starlight progress

This is the cardigan I'm currently test-knitting. I started a few weeks ago and I'm going as quickly as I can. It's about 15" in length now and I'm about halfway up the armhole (armhole steek visible on upper right). The body is about 34" circumference. I am enjoying this immensely.

I am learning a lot, which is something I really try to do with each new project, if I can. As a result I am also rather obsessed with norwegian knitting at the moment. I even ordered some yarn to make my son a Dale of Norway 2010 Olympic ski sweater (they're in Canada, after all).

I did a quick steam block on the lower few inches, if you're wondering. It was rolling up a bit and getting in the way. Body done soon. Steeking to come.


  1. wow, chris, this is awesome! happy new year to you guys!

  2. Gorgeous! I think stranded knitting is in my 2010 goals....

  3. It is really beautiful. The colors and the pattern. I can see how you're enjoying it!

    Am still afraid of steeking myself, having never done it -- but a friend just suggested I buy a thrift shop sweater and steek that for a test. Brilliant, huh?

  4. i love it! you are a steeking machine!