December 16, 2009

this changes everything

I had a birthday a few days ago and my fabulous husband gave me this, from his fabulous friend who was upgrading to an even better camera (thanks Tim! You rock!). It's a Canon EOS 20D and he threw in an awesome macro lens to boot.

I should be able to take much better photos now, if we ever get more than a few minutes of daylight around here.

I'm going to go play now. Stay warm!


  1. whoa! happy birthday! what a fun new toy! (i think your photos are already lovely, but this will be so much fun!)

  2. Happy Birthday! Nice present - so much fun to explore with a camera!

  3. Happy Birthday!! What a wonderful gift.

  4. happy birthday!! wow, nice camera... we need to invest in one of those... the digital mini just ain't cutting it.


  5. That`s one great camera, I have had one myself and loved it!