December 5, 2009

fractions and divisions

Just wanted to show you how subtle the fuscia/black roving turned out (whew!) when it was spun - it's the one on the centre bobbin. Now I'm doing the last third which looks more like the first one and then it's plying time.

The other photo shows the weird thing which occurred this week in the backyard. The sun swung around low in the southern sky throughout the day, but the garage was between it and the backyard at that angle, so it warmed up the north 1/3 of the yard and melted every speck of snow there, (gradually, in a moving line from north to south). It stopped melting around mid afternoon when it either lost heat or the proper angle. Not sure which. Or both.

We've also experienced it raining in our frontyard but not in our back.

We obviously live on some sort of cosmic division line.


  1. gorgeous spinning, and crazy backyard photos. these two bits fit together so nicely under this heading. happy weekend!

  2. looks like you sprinkled confectioner's sugar in your yard... which is an idea in itself (minus the stickiness)


  3. How funny about the yard. We have that happen in ours also.

    The spinning is turning out to be FAB. Can't wait to see it all finished.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. that's so funny about your yard....such a perfect straight line! I adore your yarn! That colorway is so's going to make a wonderful garment! Can't wait to see it all plied together!

  5. crazy weird backyard! Can't wait to see the finished yarn...