November 28, 2009

serious spinning

I'm spinning a sweater. I know I've said this before. And this other time. They will all get done. Really. The one above will hold my interest more easily because the wool is dyed in more than one colour and it's gorgeous merino from Crown Mountain Farms. The colorway is called Riders on the Storm.

I bought it because I wanted something with a fair amount of black and grey in it, but I hadn't counted on so much pink. I'm spinning a 3-ply, so when I went to divide my first 8oz I realized 2/3 of it had a very different look to it than the rest. Most of it looks like the top photo - lots of greys, some purple and light peach. The rest includes intense fuscia and black (middle photo). But, as always, everything evens out a lot in the spinning. The single on my wheel is using stuff like the top photo. I figure that the evening out of a 3-ply, coupled with the fact that 2/3 of it is more subtle, will make for a sweater I can maybe wear.

And I'm really stoked about the sweater it will be.


  1. Oh, YESSSSSS! Yes Yes Yes. This will be wonderful.

  2. Wow you're amazing! I have no idea how you do it.

    Hey what kind of camera do you have, your pictures always look so good.