February 24, 2009

process oriented

What project this will eventually be: Hourglass (Ravelry) by Joelle Hoverson
Spinning: 2-ply worsted weight on Lendrum DT wheel
Inspired by Yarn Harlot, I thought I'd show the work in progress for my first handspun sweater. It's slow going, but mostly because I keep getting distracted by spinning sock yarn. For socks I like to have several colours, but for sweaters mostly solid. So a handspun solid coloured sweater is not so visually impressive as it might otherwise be. I'm trying for a bit of thick/thin nubbiness just for some interest. But the style is one I think I'll get much wear from - a simple bell-sleeved pullover.

1 comment:

  1. I attempted a sweater.


    It's still in my knitting basket on the needles. The problem is that the pattern was so poorly written I had to start modifying it all over....not a good place to be when you're making your first sweater.

    I'll do a blog post about it one day.