February 17, 2009

things I've dyed, then spun, then not finished

I'm scattered. My knitting/dyeing/spinning life is somewhat reflective of my work life: a zillion projects that I flit between like a butterfly, never landing quite long enough to reach a satisfying conclusion (FO), at least not until several months have passed, or someone's waiting for it, or there's a deadline. I used to have more project monogamy at work. I'd be working on one thing for months, nay, YEARS at a time. My time log sheets were hilarious. Now I project manage my own stuff as well as what a bunch of other people do.
Project monogamy at home should be a snap, but I just can't do it. Sometimes I'm cool with that, though. I have stuff simmering in a lot of different pots and I can pick up something for a bit (light scarf), then go to something else (heavy cabled sweater), for contrast. I am trying to have an assortment of things going on at once in distinct categories: dyeing stuff, spinning stuff, sweaters, socks, scarves/shawls, other accessories.
I guess it's just how I work. I'll chill now.


  1. I hear ya sister!

  2. Wow, you may have a ton of projects on the go but you have completed tons too. You should be proud!

  3. Project monogamy? No way, I can't imagine!
    I have three knitting projects on the go (two are half done and already failing, now I have to come up with other projects to use the yarn in) with one on the horizon.
    I have a massive sewing project laid out on my table right now with at LEAST two in reserve.
    It's ridiculous.

  4. such beautiful colours... if only i could employ such technique. sigh