November 25, 2009

EZ love

I have never ever been a person who swooned over celebrities and I've even thought those who did were a few jelly beans short of a full bag, as it were. Until a few years ago when I discovered Elizabeth Zimmermann and her wonderful books about knitting.

Last weekend, on our way home from the walk in the woods I mentioned previously, we stopped in at a library across town I've never been in before. I can never resist checking to see what knitting books an unfamiliar library might have, and I did leave with a huge pile in my arms, but what made me gasp out loud was discovering they had a copy of the video series Elizabeth had done for PBS of The Knitting Workshop. I could hardly wait to get home. I have stayed up late every night since then to watch this thoroughly enjoyable woman and her cats wandering around as she talks about backwards loop casting on and percentages, all the while conversing with Meg who is off camera.

Then I remembered the wonderful green sweater that had been discovered a few months ago and saw in the Zimmermania group on Ravelry that Meg was planning on making a kit and if you signed up for the newsletter you could find out when it was released. I signed up for the newsletter at 11:00 last night. The kit for the sweater was released today. And it's available in the original yarn! And it's incredibly inexpensive. I had to.

Even though I have to live with the fact that I am now officially a groupie. And I'm short more than a few beans.

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  1. You are an EZ groupie because you have impeccable taste. And a superior intelligence, of course. They're fan club requirements, dontcha know.