December 29, 2009


By special request for my good friend S., I am showing the result of the massive amount of work (mostly on the part of my husband, I completely admit) which started as this several weeks ago and ended up with a fabulous new floor in our basement last week. Nothing like a lot of company coming over to motivate.

One room (top) is a spare bedroom and stash organizer. My wheel usually lives upstairs. We had a holiday party so it was moved down temporarily. The dresser is full of more roving. I won't admit to the percentage of my total yarn stash visible in this photo (50%?). And most of my 800,000 WIPs are upstairs in cupboards (but they don't count as stash per se) (they're in cupboards in my diningroom, actually. Most people use those areas to store things like fine china; I didn't see the point.) BUT. I did manage to get rid of at least half of my sewing fabric stash during this re-org. Hah.

The other room (bottom photo) is a catch-all games, tv, hang-out room. I need to find an area rug for it. It also got a new coat of paint. Fresh and good.


  1. Cupboard full of yarn sounds so much better than fine china! :)) The floor looks beautiful!

  2. Your husband did a great job on the floors!

  3. The floor looks great!