October 18, 2009

slash the stash

So my husband and I generally suffer from seasonal hay fever-type allergies on top of other allergies (for me, at least: gluten, cats, coffee, elastoplast bandaids), and he decided a week or so ago that the ancient carpet in our basement might be a contributor in some way and that we should replace it with laminate flooring and area rugs. We're do-it-yourselfers so that's what's up this weekend. We've started in the spare bedroom and we're down to the underlay which is adhered to the concrete with some sort of bionic glue. (And every time I hear the word "underlay" I have a Speedy Gonzales moment in my head - 'undelay undelay ariba ariba'! I know. I'm very mature).

Thing is, the spare bedroom in the basement is where my yarn/fibre/fabric stashes were. The corner in the top photo is where the yarn used to be neatly organized in the awesome storage containers I recently scored on sale at Canadian Tire, seen in the 2nd photo. Now they're stacked in the adjoining tv room in big inaccessible piles. But I'm so glad they're semi-organized and not a big loose pile of skeins, at least for the most part.

My fabric (bottom photo) is not so organized, but I'm thinking most of it won't get back in the spare room at the end of this anyway. I halfheartedly sew on occasion but it doesn't thrill me. My husband, who usually never mentions the yarn at all said I probably don't have enough time in my life to ever knit up all the yarn I currently own and he may be right. I should probably de-stash some. Like the many books I own, I have a really hard time getting rid of yarn. Even the crappy stuff I bought when I was just starting out and didn't know any better.

Oh well. My tea break's over. Back to the underlay.

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