October 31, 2009


Here's another sweater I have only completed the back of. If anyone out there has no problem whatsoever doing sleeves, fronts, collars, seaming, buttons, etc. of their sweaters but has an irrational fear or loathing concerning the back piece, give me a call. It seems to be as far as I'm getting with several sweaters I've started for myself lately.

The problem is related more to my sudden panic this week that I had not yet started any projects for Christmas. So I left the sweater of the previous post to pursue that. I also have a hang-up about working solely on something for me and not other people. I realize this may not be healthy. Also, with the one above in particular, my hands need a break after dealing with bulky yarn, so I switch to other things. This is my excuse, anyway. But I do have several projects nearing completion I'll post about soon.

Have a happy, spooky Halloween!


  1. i hear you on holiday knitting -- i feel like no matter when i start, i am always scrambling. so long as the knitting is still enjoyable...

    and this is gorgeous! what tweedy, cabley beautifulness!

    happy halloween.

  2. Gorgeous sweater back! Absolutely lovely. :)
    I usually have to have several projects on the go too because I have the same guilt feeling when I knit for myself. Maybe it's a girl thing??
    Happy Halloween!

  3. This looks very familiar! Is it the Debbie Bliss cardigan/jacket? It's well worth finishing up, as it's so cozy and perfect for late fall.

  4. Yes it is! And it's in her Donegal Chunky Tweed which is very nice to work with. I was hoping for a fall finish so I could wear it, but maybe it will serve me well as a spring sweater too.

  5. Your sweater looks lovely so far! I do not knit for Christmas because it is too much pressure for me.